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Raspbmc’s August update is mainly fix oriented and fixes some issues rather than introducing new features specifically. Some good new features are planned for September, but for now, here’s what this month brings:

  • Support for Raspberry Pi’s with Micron memory to installer
  • Re-added support for Dual Audio (simultaneous analog and HDMI output)
  • Fixed some issues where some settings were not applied properly:
    • GPU and CPU temperature display
    • Cache buffer size (would have caused streaming issues)
    • Number of background worker threads (could have caused crashes)
    • Resolution of fanart (could have caused OOM on the VideoCore)
  • Thanks to popcornmix for his usual contributions:
    • Fix for visualisations in XBMC
    • Fix for adjusting video settings during playback
    • Fix for seeking issues with DVD and online content
    • Fix for issues with OGG playback
    • Fix for the buffering regression when playing files with (unused) TrueHD audio (may help other files)
  • Properly fix issue with SSIDs that have spaces in their name
  • Reduce installation and update time by making kernel header installation optional via Raspbmc Settings
  • Fix a kernel updating bug with NOOBS installations
  • If MD5 hash fails on kernel update, then Raspbmc will try and update the kernel again on the next boot
  • Updated standalone image to August release to save update time and ensure absolute package freshness

To get the update, simply reboot your Raspberry Pi. Note that if you have disabled updates via Raspbmc Settings, you’ll need to enable them first, and if you’re running a nightly build, you’ll need to switch to ‘xbmc release’ in Raspbmc Settings to get back to the stable builds we ship as default.

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